About Us

Wyndham Oaks is result of a lifetime love of horses and a very understanding husband. 

I had my first back-yard horse – a 23-year old Thoroughbred – in my early teens and have been hooked ever since. Some of my favorite memories growing up were times spent at my aunt’s cattle farm outside of Richmond, Virginia. She taught me the importance of being a good steward of the land and, whenever possible, giving back to the community which sustains you.

My dream for Wyndham Oaks is to provide a place where striving for excellence is our daily goal. First, and most importantly, the land must be protected and well managed as it is our most precious resource. To that end, Wyndham Oaks works in close cooperation with the Montgomery County Soil Conservation Service, Agricultural Extension Service and USDF as a model facility.

Next, I looked for someone who combined design expertise with a sensitivity and understanding of our silent clients, the horses that give us such pleasure. To build a facility that was less than exceptional would not do credit to the dream. Our architect and master planner, John Blackburn, Blackburn Architects, proved his commitment to the horse in designing a facility that focused first on their health, security and well being. This is their home. Only after that did he turn to the needs and comforts of humans. For those of us who enjoy the fruits of his hard work, we are convinced that he accomplished both exceptionally.

With plans in hand, we turned next to getting the job built right. The initial phase, consisting of the indoor and small barn was built by Kaiser Construction, who has substantial expertise in building special riding arenas. I credit the brilliant design of the airplane hanger doors, which serve as our windows in the indoor, to Chris and Dave Leinbach, owners of the company. Working with Kaiser on the indoor and on their own on the hay storage barn, main barn, run-in and muck storage facility were the dedicated men from Cumberland Poultry. Lead by Amos Hurst, they drove two hours each way every day from Pennsylvania and still arrived with a smile and concern for the quality of every nail they drove.

I could name so many people who contributed to the initial success of the construction phase. Special thanks go to my great friends Linda and Becky, without whose support and encouragement, my dream would not be a reality, and to Andy Marchwicki who seems to always know how to get a job done right. It really does take a “herd” to do this.

Now, it’s up to the people who call Wyndham Oaks home: Melissa Friel, the farm’s amazing manager;  our trainers; and the all important stable crew and myself to reach for the excellence which is our goal.

We welcome all who want to be a part of our community of fun and learning.