Boarding Services


Unlike many barns where the staff have other responsibilities, from training to another job, Wyndham Oaks is managed by full-time staff whose only responsibility is to provide the highest quality of boarding services. The manager lives on-site and oversees day to day activities at the farm. Additional staff members live at the farm. All staff members are carefully selected for their equine management experience and for their love of working with animals.

Stall Board

MAIN BARN:  The Main Barn consists of two inter-connected barn aisles, each of which contains twenty 12×12 matted stalls, two tack rooms and a feed room. The area connecting the barn aisles contains a lounge, outdoor patio, bathroom, four wash stalls, utility/laundry room and office.

Stall board is currently $950 per month. Board includes daily stall cleaning, grain and hay, private or semi-private turnout, blanketing, booting for turnout, scheduling of health program, worming (excluding wormer) and weekly laundry service (for the horses that is!)

HAY BARN:  Many people prefer to be in the hay barn. The nine stalls are similar to the main barn except they do not have dutch doors to the outside. This area has a very large, separate tack room and includes the same services as the main barn. Board in the hay barn is currently $875 per month.

Field Board

Wyndham Oaks offers field board for up to nine horses. Each section has a large run-in to use in inclement weather and acres of lush pasture. Field boarders have a private, heated tack room in their run-ins.

Field board is $595 and includes grain twice a day in winter (once in summer), blanketing and booting, hay when the pastures need supplementation, use of all Wyndham Oaks facilities and scheduling of the health programs when using the farm vet.

Feeding Program

Wyndham Oaks offers a choice of high-quality feeds which will suit any special needs or picky eater. Owner supplied supplements are fed once or twice a day (as requested). We recommend Smart Paks for people feeding two or more supplements.

If needed, lunch is served to horses on half-day turnout programs.


At Wyndham Oaks we believe that turn out is important for a horse’s physical and mental health. Unless an owner requests otherwise, all horses are turned out daily (weather permitting ) in one of our many large grass paddocks or round pens. Both private and semi-private turnout options are available. Several of our paddocks are “diet” paddocks for those horses needing limited grass intake. Horses on private turnout are turned out for up to half a day. Horses on semi-private turnout are generally out all day (or night in the summer).

There is no extra charge for horses that are on stall rest and cannot be turned out.

Health Program

All boarders are required to follow the health program, which includes regular worming and vaccinations. Regular worming is generally done by our staff (the cost of the wormer is charged to your board bill). Owners may choose to have vaccinations given by their own veterinarian or by the farm’s veterinarian. The cost of vaccinations is not included in board.

Additional Services

The following services are available at an additional charge:

  • Clipping
  • Grooming
  • Winter blanket cleaning and storage
  • Tack Cleaning

Many of our boarders participate in local and regional shows and in clinics. While Wyndham Oaks does not provide trailering services, we can recommend local transportation services for those who do not have their own trailer or cannot find another ride for their horse.